Sunday, March 28, 2021

Moon Mother Hemp Company

Mother Nature and Mother Moons unite! As a woman owned company, we can safely say that Moon Mother Hemp Company truly cares about how you feel as a female. Still, with a great variety of environmentally responsible, safe and healthy products, their high quality CBD can certainly be enjoyed by male and nonbinary people alike. It is their latest drop, an Organic CBD Intimacy Oil, vaginal health is at the forefront. Multi-purposed, this oil is not only great for it's soothing effects (post wax, etc), but is also can act as a super lubricant, enhancing those most sensual moments.

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Sunday, March 21, 2021



From the pollution in our bodies to the pollution in our oceans, ZenWTR presents an initiative that rids pollution for both our selves and the planet. The only beverage that can boast a 100% Recycled Certified Ocean-Bound Platic bottling, this beverage brand is thirsty for change. Beyond the fact that everything down to labels and caps are made with recycled materials, ZenWTR takes their mission a step further, donating a percentage of sales to charities dedicated to conservation and coastal clean-up. It doesn't stop there. ZenWTR also provides the healthiest beverage for your body, a vapor distilled alkaline water that will have you feeling good inside and out.

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Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Throwback Thursday

TBT to shooting an absolute rock star with photographer Emmanuel Faure in 2011.

Photography by Emmanuel Faure
Styling by Megan Averbuch, Diana Albo, Aslin Zoe Berio, Ashley Davis, Sade Harper, Maria Nieves, Veronica Onkita
Modeling by
Hair & Make-Up by Niki Manari

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Nari Ward

Saturday, March 6, 2021


Prettier skin with a prettier appliance. Canopy achieves both. Easy to manage and clean (dishwasher safe!), this perfect little humidifier doesn't just elevate the look of your living space (instagram worthy design!), it elevates your entire wellbeing. Unique technology does away with the pesky "mold issue" that haunts other humidifiers, and while Canopy products do not emit a mist, they do release clean moisture, filtered and hydrated air. Canopy helps you reach optimal indoor humidity levels which ultimately leaves you with hydrated, healthy skin.  This little, yet powerful product helps in preventing wrinkles and dryness, while strengthens skin barriers and maintains skin's elasticity. Your beauty routine just got easier.

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Tuesday, March 2, 2021