Wednesday, August 28, 2019

My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream

With the Labor Day holiday weekend on the horizon, there's no better time to enjoy the refreshing taste of ice cream. My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream presents a beyond delightful way to enjoy this most popular frozen treat - in    the form of Mochi. As ice cream encased in  a mochi "shell,"the My/Mo brand has not only hands down mastered the taste of this notoriously delicious dessert, but has also proven to be inventive in  their flavors. Irresistible and downright yummy, this is one snack you'll be enjoying well past this coming weekend's (unofficial) end of summer.

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Monday, August 26, 2019

Rockstar Energy Drink


Party like a rockstar, drink like a rockstar. Rockstar Energy Drink not only offers standout, caffeine infused flavors, but their can designs will ensure that you stand out when you're holding one, too. Delicious day to night, this energizing beverage will keep you going. Rock on! 

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Sexy Mermaid Wedding Dresses

Some of the biggest trends these days incorporate mystical, mythical creatures that we deem as existing. Whether it be wizards, dragons, unicorns or mermaids, these special creatures have taken over as trendy, cool and aforementioned, real!

It only makes sense that these magical creatures would effect the fashion world. 
One creature which has been effecting the fashion world for many years is the mermaid. Having grown up with the fantastic Disney film, The Little Mermaid, it was always easy to love mermaids. With the remake of this impactful film on the horizon, the interest in mermaids is spiked beyond belief!
From marketable fish tail costumes to elegant and sexy mermaid wedding dresses, the mermaid trend is more than just “in full effect.” It has truly taken over.
Wedding dresses that have this style are all the rage and a preference for many brides this year. Many wedding designers are catering to this trend in the form of gorgeous gowns that offer that little extra sense of magic for the big day. If you fancy to shop online for your wedding dress in this style, yesbabyonline is a wonderful place to shop. This online shopping destination offers a very wide variety of dresses for special occasions and absolutely has an extensive collection of the most magical dresses for your most magical day!
You will feel and look like a princess that popped out of a Disney movie, plus you can rest assured you will be on trend and the belle of the ball!

Saturday, August 24, 2019

White Homecoming Dresses

Summer is the time to wear white! An old fashion rule was once set to deem wearing white only between Memorial Day and Labor Day, only during summer and these quick summer months. Nowadays, this old rule seems to have disappeared and many people have set out to break the rule and do away with this style rule. Don’t we always say, “Rules are meant to be broken”? So how has such a rule survived for so long? Well, the truth is, it hasn’t. So many brands have showed “winter whites” on their runways and proven to the world that white is fashionable no matter the time of the year!

Now, to the next rule to break, only wearing a white dress on your wedding! Why would you reserve one day of your life to reap from the fashion benefits of a fancy white dress? So let’s start breaking this mold this coming fall season. Beyond wearing white past Labor Day, let’s wear white to our big autumn time events. One event that certainly stands out as a quisesential event that comes in the early autumn months is homecoming. One trend you’re sure to see this coming season is white homecoming dresses. As you will find on the runways, in the magazines and in the shops, there are, and will continue to be, a great deal of white dresses that are made to be worn past the summer season. Furthermore, many websites will be offering this style trend as well, including babyonlinedress. This is one website that will certainly be able to fill any void in dress shopping this homecoming season and beyond!

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Plus Size Formal Dresses

Shopping is never an easy task in this day and age. So many choices, so many shops, so many sites! Where to begin!? Plus size shopping has in the past been a topic that was noted as difficult at times. However, it is absolutely wonderful that nowadays, plus size shopping has changed immensely. There are brands that cater to all sizes and for every woman.  Every woman is beautiful and worthy of looking gorgeous no matter the day, time, event and so on. There are enormous and popular brands that create campaigns and styles that support the amazing “body positive” act that is currently happening. It is most in style to love your body, to respect your body, to be yourself and to have your own unique look! It is in style to wear fashions that fit you, both style wise and size wise. Plus size is definitely, definitely not shameful, it is who you are and it is so special that so many fashion brands are finally recognized this. It has never been shameful, in fact it is something to celebrate. Being healthy and happy is what is most important and this has absolutely nothing to do with your size.

There are now a plethora of brick and mortar shops and online shops that cater to plus size men and women. Whether you are looking for plus size jeans or plus size formal dresses, there is absolutely a place for you to shop now!
Newarrivaldress is a new hot spot to find everything you need in terms of dresses for formal events. They offer an excellent selection of dresses for plus size women and with body positive vibes that go hand in hand with each piece posted to their site. 

Monday, August 19, 2019

Cheap Homecoming Dresses

How is August already flown by? With this month coming to a close, back - to - school shopping and season is pretty much in full effect at this time. Furthermore, with back to school season comes and equally as important season, and we aren’t talking about the autumn season in general, which is a very like-able season in fashion and in general (who doesn’t love to start layering and a whole new stylist wardrobe, one that can be worn without sweating your butt off!?). We are talking about homecoming season.
Homecoming season ushers in a time filled with sporting events, pep rallies, bob fires, parades, and the ever - so - important, homecoming dance, or gala.
Glass and fashion walk hand in hand, so of course dressing fashionably for the Homecoming dance is important and an expression of one’s style. There are many websites out there that cater to girls and boys preparing for their homecoming activities, but there are certain special online shopping destinations that offer the best and most cheap homecoming dresses. Dresses that are good for both your style and your budget. is one of those websites. It is a great one - stop - shop for all dresses for your homecoming occasions (and beyond)!
Long, short, sexy with cutouts or mature and covered, this online shopping boutique is an excellent place to fill any void in the shopping search for your homecoming attire! No matter your preference or style, this site is able to cover ever base and offer a dress for everyone!

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Teslar Watches Launch Event

Teslar technology is known to be amongst the best in the world. It's no wonder that a timepiece collection would sprout based on their technological principles and ideas. Teslar Watches launched their first collection this summer. Made in the watch capital of the world, Switzerland, each piece is more than just a watch, it is wearable wellness. A Teslar Chip embedded in   each design makes for both a great aesthetic as well as helps to shield it's wearing from electromagnetic pollution. The benefits include stabilizing your personal electromagnetic fields resulting in  less stress and protecting your body from other harmful, negative effects that today's technologies create.

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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Low Low

Here’s the down low on the Low Low: this is one film that speaks to many people on many different levels and is certainly not one to miss. Targeting the underserved women of the world, the film, which is set to hit theaters later this week in Los Angeles, next week in New York City and across the globe in the weeks that follow, is a captivating, raw story of young women coming of age in a community struck with poverty, drugs and alcohol. Their want for more, their hopes and dreams, their fierce and tenacious attitudes and their realizations that life outside of their community exists, brings to light an existing issue in this country. The struggles of the underprivileged and the cycles that poverty can create are brought to light. Not only are the young women featured battling the trials of high school, but they are battling stigmas that have sadly defined their community. This gritty piece expresses the urgency of breaking the cycle. An all-star cast bring the important messages and story to life in a believable and thoroughly entertaining way.  

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Sunday, August 11, 2019


Carefully crafted cocktails with the convenience of never needing to call on a bartender (or your own questionable bartending skills). Pre-made and party perfect, BTL SVC has served up six of the most iconic cocktails of all time in  one place. Beyond being packaged in gorgeous wooden boxes, each box set is comprised of glass bottles that are intricately designed, displaying a sense of timeless class and elegance.The drinks within taste just as exquisite as they look. Bring your next event or night in to the next level, enjoy BTL SVC.

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Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Dionis Skincare

"G.O.A.T." It stands for the Greatest Of All Time and it's no wonder why the beauty brand, Dionis, would create an entire collection based on the vitamins and minerals found in Goat Milk. Their Goat Milk Beauty Balm is 100% all-natural, skin nourishing balm that serves as an all-in -one product that can tame flyaway hair, highlight cheekbones, can be used as a lip balm or cuticle cream and even be applied to any dry spot to moisturize and repair. This brand definitely lives up to it's acronym. 

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Monday, August 5, 2019

Marigold Star

In the current political climate, it oftentimes feels that we are livings in  a non-inclusive world. Author Elise Primavera does her part to shed light on this subject and has created a character that always sees the best in  others. In this adorable read, which proves to be the most perfect book to transition into back-to-school mode on so many different levels, Marigold Star is chock full of fun adventures and lessons for children and adults alike.

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Thursday, August 1, 2019

Alex Harsley x The Sheen Center

In an ode to the East Village Community and to the photographer Alex Harsley himself, and in his 81st year no less, The Sheen Center for Thought and Culture presents "Entanglements." On view through this Sunday only, this beautiful compilation of photos that both exemplify and capture the spirit and character of a New York City neighborhood that is known for its diverse and vibrant inhabitants.  Harsley is a true, original street photographer and this exhibition proves to define and serves as a portal to a section of New York City as it evolves over the years.

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