Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Low Low

Here’s the down low on the Low Low: this is one film that speaks to many people on many different levels and is certainly not one to miss. Targeting the underserved women of the world, the film, which is set to hit theaters later this week in Los Angeles, next week in New York City and across the globe in the weeks that follow, is a captivating, raw story of young women coming of age in a community struck with poverty, drugs and alcohol. Their want for more, their hopes and dreams, their fierce and tenacious attitudes and their realizations that life outside of their community exists, brings to light an existing issue in this country. The struggles of the underprivileged and the cycles that poverty can create are brought to light. Not only are the young women featured battling the trials of high school, but they are battling stigmas that have sadly defined their community. This gritty piece expresses the urgency of breaking the cycle. An all-star cast bring the important messages and story to life in a believable and thoroughly entertaining way.  

To learn more, see more and to view Low Low, click here.
Big Thanks to Alexa over at Platform Group for making this feature possible!


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