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RIP Corinne Day

Known for shooting some of the most iconic photos of all time, and especially those that launched the career of Kate Moss, photographer Corinne Day will surely be missed.

1965-August 30, 2010


Ken+Dana Design & Launch Party

Everything that is of the ken+dana design brand is crazzzzy creative and can be described as the "jewelry that takes chances, has a voice and looks fly." With an urban feel, and an extremely diverse design team that heirs from Hong Kong, Maine, and Brooklyn, k+d designs are non-traditional and unlike any accessories you have ever seen before. By focusing on exploring art and its relationship with body decoration, the designers experiment with materials and techniques that are way, way, wayyyy outside the normal "box" of jewelry making. With two labels, a beautiful, elegant fine jewelry line and it's opposite, yet complimentary, "b-side label," which references the "b-side" of a cassette tape -the place where artists are known to execute experiments- ken+dana aims to create a wide variety of pieces that are as diverse as their team is. For their newest collection under the "b-side label," entitled "Graffiti 2.0," the designers channel their urge to "paint on stuff." As an encore and follow-up to their extremely popular "Graffiti" collection, their ideas stem from their artistic backgrounds in painting what can be ever-so-time-consuming, street murals. Now, with the use of stencil techniques their graffiti art comes straight off of the walls and right onto the jewelry. This immediately helps to achieve both multiplicity and accessibility, and certainly gives them the ability to reach the masses in a much, much, much more timely fashion. The end product? An inssssssanely SICK collection of statement pieces that are all at once an exuberant mix of funky, bold, edgy and sexy with a straight-up city-street vibe. Dig it ALL.

Check out some pages from their dope look book below, and scroll down for an EVENT that you will NOT want to miss.

NEED to get my hands on these pieces in particular:

Itching to be the first get your paws on a piece of the NYC streets and anything and everything from ken+dana's awesome urban-chic "Graffiti 2.0" collection? Come out to the Launch Party this coming Wednesday, September 1.

All jewelry by ken+dana designs are handmade in NYC.
Custom made pieces can be made upon request.
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This might be back from '07, but it is just a testament that Mary-Kate Olsen is, and always will be, a timeless style icon.
The song is Girl in a Coma-"Their Cell."

Thanks to Anna over at lindestore.com for sending this my way! Check out her new blog here.
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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Alaskan Summer

What I wore: Bathing Suit by Mara Hoffman, Moccasins by Minnetonka, Hat purchased at National Jean Company, Sunglasses by Dolce and Gabbana, Bracelet (Headband) by H&M, Ring purchased at boutique in NYC
Damage done at Aritzia in Vancouver, BC
Streets of Vancouver, BC
Float Plane in Ketchikan, Alaska
What I wore: Top by Wilfred, Shorts by Wilfred , Boots by Kowalski, Bag by Marc by Marc Jacob, Sunglasses by Louis Vuitton, Bracelets purchased in boutiques in Alaska
Smoked Salmon in the Salmon Capital: Ketchikan, Alaska
Dungeness Crab at the Crab Captial: Icy Straight Point/Hoonah, Alaska
Alaskan Husky Puppies in Skagway, Alaska
What I wore: Top by Wilfred, Bathing Suit by Mara Hoffman, Boots by Manitobah, Bag/Necklace by Worthis, Hat/Necklace purchased in boutiques in Alasaka
Hubbard Glacier
Oomingmak Qiviut Shop in Anchorage, Alaska
What I wore: Bathing Suit by Mara Hoffman, Boots by Manitobah, Hat/Necklace/Bracelet purchased in boutiques in Alaska

Fashion Photography by Mary Wayman

Back in June, I spent about ten days exploring numerous cities in Alaska as well as parts of Canada. Between discovering Aritzia in Vancouver, BC and all of the amazing Alaskan boutiques filled with authentic, handmade Native American and Alaskan art and fashion, I was able to bring back some prettttty fantastic souvenirs. Plus, I experienced the great outdoors like I never had before. It was definitely a trip that I recommend taking once in your lifetime.