Friday, March 19, 2010

Worthy of Gossip

How many of us have thought that not even if our wildest of wildest dreams would we ever have the ability to accessorize like the girls on Gossip Girl do? I mean, not only do these girls have unlimited wardrobes, but their access to jewelry and accessories seems to be never ending as well! Wow, must be nice to have it alllllll. Well, now you can too! Okay, okay...maybe not it alllll, but how would you like to get your hands on at least some of that jewelry that you're totally admiring every Monday night from 9-10pm?

Thanks to my friend and fellow stylist Junell (whom you can see decked out in her awesome I'm-so-jealous-that-she-got-the-tattoo-leggings Gaultier for Target outfit on our Facebook Fan Page!), I was able to get invited to Diana Warner's studio and showroom! Diana Warner is popular among the GG crew and her Stephanie Cross Necklace (see #1 below) is just one of her pieces that is frequently seen and worn on the show! Her other clients include Taylor Swift, Rachel Ray, and Next Top Model winner Whitney Thompson, who she has recently signed as the face of her company!

I was definitely loving her entire new collection. Each piece had a rustic and industrialized feel, yet paired with materials like pearls, she was able to keep the jewelry classy, delicate, and girly. Any piece would be the perfect add on to any outfit! I know that I neeeeeed to get the Warner Wrap Pearl necklace (see #3 & #4 below) into my jewelry box immediately. Simply gorgeous!

#1. Stephanie Cross Cluster
#2. Sareen Necklace
#3. & #4. Warner Wrap Pearls

I've also included some of my favorite pages from Diana Warner's Look Book below:

All of her work is handmade by special order here in NYC
Each piece can also be personalized through stamps and engravings
To learn more, see more, and to purchase Diana Warner's collection click here



  1. Ooo - I love that tree for your jewelry! Beautiful!

  2. thanks for the shout-out! we must go back and shop there

  3. Wow, yeah - those are gorgeously displayed. I got the jewelry stand at Urban Outfitters...How easy would it be to buy another one and spray paint it a fun sparkly color?! I also can't stop buying old pretty glass bowls from our thrift store to put my jewelry seems the jewelry pools everywhere!