Thursday, March 4, 2010

Plein Sud Jeanius

Plein Sud Fall/Winter Look Book Photos Courtesy of my PR friend Faith! Thanks Faith!

Plein Sud Jeanius is one of the first, and considered one of the original, diffusion lines! Everyone and their mom seems to have a diffusion line these days, but Plein Sud has set the bar wayyyyyy above any of the ones I've seen lately. I have always been a fan of Plein Sud so when I received an invite to check out their Fall/Winter 2010 Jeanius collection, I was on the phone making an appointment within minutes (seriously...ask my sister). Their jeans are THE BEST. Major, major stretch and an amazingggg cut (cut lower in the front, higher in the back--super flattering!) So comfortable and they look hot. Plein Sud is also known for their "second-skin" jersey tops which are absolute perfection, as well as their shearlings. Honestly, it was definitely their outerwear that completely blew me away. Every jacket was legitimately gorgeous (and check out the matching fingerless gloves below! Plus those arm warmers--seen both above and below. Perfect additions to any winter wardrobe!) Overall the line featured geometric shapes paired with a lot of draping to bring us a chic and edgy look that has total sex appeal. Pure genius.

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