Sunday, April 27, 2014

Barami is Back: Desk to Dinner Event

Marking their 30 year anniversary, Barami breathes new life into their brand with the appointment of Mr. Barami's daughters, Neda and Nika, to unveil and design the latest collection for Spring/Summer 2014. In an exciting private event at their new NYC location, the entire family presented both their Barami and P. Luca Ladies "Desk to Dinner" collections. Revived and better than ever, the collections covered a wide range of styles and were on point with every trend of the season. Desk to dinner, day to night, work to play, however you put it, it is safe to say that Barami has a true staying force of at least another 30 years. 

To learn more, see more, and to shop for Barami and P.Luca, click here.
Big Thanks to Neda Hakakian for inviting us to this event and for making this feature possible!



  1. Obsess with the wing sandal need need need!!!!!

  2. Looove those belts!! So cool you're going to Turkey, I've been there some years ago (Bodrum) and partied too hard haha :) Sorry but I really can't remember good places for going out and to eat... Have a lovely time there but I hope you'll keep blogging!

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