Tuesday, February 1, 2011

dame Jewelry & Hand-Piece Giveaway

Dame \'dam\: a woman of rank, sanction, or authority. That is exactly the kind of style maven that designer Nazy Wadia delivers to with her new collection of accessories, fittingly named dame. Wadia has gone well above and beyond traditional designs to create hand-crafted jewelry that is reflective of her own Middle-Eastern heritage as well as is infused with her founding principle that "too much is never enough." The brand is unique and rich with bold, not-so-subtle statement pieces that can transform your appearance at a moment's notice.

What I wore: dame "Swept" bracelet, dame"Back Drop", dame "Bind"Necklace, dame Hand-Piece, Top by Emma&Sam

Each piece pictured is available online at the dame website, here, except for the gold hand-piece (pictured last). Instead, we have teamed up with dame and decided to give away one dame hand-piece to one lucky follower. Check out the guidelines below to enter the giveaway today.

To Enter the dame Hand-Piece Giveaway:
1. Follow us and leave a comment here on Blogger explaining how you would wear the dame hand-piece. (Don't forget to check out dame's blog, here, too!)
2. Add Belles&Rebelles onTwitter (Access Belles&Rebelles on Twitter here) and tweet at us saying "I'm a Dame in need of some dame!"
Like Belles&Rebelles (here) and dame (here) on Facebook and leave a comment under this post about about how you would wear and style the dame hand-piece.
4. Or, lastly, j
ust click the "like" button for this post once you've joined us at our Facebook Fan Page

If you choose to do all of the above, you will be entered in the raffle four times (each action will guarantee you one raffle entry). The winner will be chosen at the end of the week, on Sunday, February 9, 2011.
(Contest deadline is Saturday, February 5, 2011 at midnight USA EST Time. Winner will be announced and notified on Sunday, February 6, 2011.)
Get your comments, tweets, and Facebook "thumb-ups" in ASAP for the chance to win an exclusive piece of dame jewelry! Good luck!

To learn more, see more, and to shop for dame jewlery, click here.
Check out Belles&Rebelles on dame's blog here.



  1. Great giveaway!! I would wear the Bing necklace on a simple black tee because this necklace is amazing and it can make an outfit :)

    Fingers crossed

  2. He wants to win...back necklaces are the most underrated peices of jewelry...backs are hot...you look amazing


  3. Wauw I love this jewellery, especially the hand piece :) I can't really tell you how I would wear it exactly: since I would wear it with EVERYTHING seriously!! My outfits are normally not so much blahblah (you know what I mean) so this would really spice them up :) SInce I don't have facebook nor twitter I can't do all of the things you suggest, but I really really would like to enter :) But I follow you on bloglovin (for a while now) and I definately will like this post!!



  4. OMG! you are right! I love this hand piece and Im definitely gonna wear this with something simple but sexy like a plain black body con dress with a little sheer cloth here and there. Not something too provocative though.

    1. followed you through Google Connect
    2. followed you in twitter and tweeted "I'm a Dame in need of some dame!"
    3. liked both Belles & Rebelles and Dame in facebook
    4 clicked the like button!

  5. Wow What an incredible piece! I woul totally wear it with a very slick and minimalistic Black dress.

    Wish me luck!!!!

    Classy & Fabulous

  6. Such a great giveaway!! I didn't know your blog was on facebook. I now "like" it all! I'm following on facebook and bloglovin. Wish me luck!!


  7. p.s. I'd wear the hand piece with just about anything in my closet. Is there something it wouldn't go with??

  8. I have a problem: I want to 'like' this post on bloglovin but the problem is the post doesn't appear on my screen!! I really don't know what it is :s

  9. I would wear this handpiece for brunch in south beach with long maxi cover up and a sun hat :)


  10. oh ok.But I don't have facebook, does this mean I can't enter? :s


    You already know I'm following you here & on twitter bb, so ;D
    & I would totally have a ball styling this piece~ I think with a black maxi skirt/dress & some killer heels to dress it up or a flowing sheer white blouse & denim flares to dress it down would be perfection~

  12. Hello!
    I just stumbled across your blog-I always love to connect with ladies who blog and make jewelry!!
    I love these pieces!
    Any one them would be great to wear with a top that has interesting cut-outs and skinny jeans!
    Totally following your lovely blog now!
    If you like mine, please follow also!

  13. I have done all of the above, that is a seriously sweet piece of jewelry! I'd wear it to impress all my friends on the town in luzern ;)

  14. thanks for your comments, it's cool !!!!
    this post is amazing as your others !!!!


  15. hey girl. just saw you liked the vintage sequin jacket from Nana in Wonderland. She got it from us and if you want one of your own come check out our website! Email us and we'll hook you up with a coupon code for your first purchase!!!

    love your blog@!



  16. I love it! I'd wear it with a black blazer, white top and leather pants!!! I follow you via bloglovin!

  17. that piece looks AMAZING <3 I would totally wear that with a floral dress and statement sandals!


  18. Oooh it's sooo pretty. I would probably wear it with a sleek black dress with loads of chunky jewellery and some bring stiletto heels. mmmm

  19. Very pretty handpiece! It's a glamorous jewelry.

  20. Simply chic... pure lines and clean beauty.

  21. Wow darling, beautiful!!!



  22. OMG; that is one awesome giveaway! Love'em!

  23. THANK YOU to the lovely Belles & Rebelles team, and all of you ladies for your sweet words! Means so much to hear all the great feedback! Really excited to pick the lucky lady....good luck! xoxo - Nazy

  24. LOVE this jewelry! Looks awesome on you! Hopefully it would on me too :) I would sooo rock that hand piece at Miami Fashion Week and probably everyday there after lol Edgy pieces like that are so sick!


  25. I love this jewelry, I will wear it with my basic shirt and leather pants
    already following you in GPC and twitter

  26. LOVE JEWELS! I love all the pieces especially the hand piece! I would love to wear it as I am sure to get many compliments on this and any of the unique pieces from DAME shown here = )

    XOXO - Christy