Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Amit Gajwani x Phoenix

Starting on Monday, July 28 Phoenix The Play will open in an exclusive and limited run in NYC. Hitting the stage at the intimate Cherry Lane Theater, this off-Broadway production will star one of the entertainment industry's most well known names, Julia Stiles. While Ms. Stiles will be taking to the stage, it is Amit Gajwani who will truly be setting the stage. As the costume designer, Mr. Gajwani sets the mood and develops each character through fashion.
As the play is contemporary, Gajwani worked with a bevy of fashion showrooms and designers to acquire the proper pieces to fit the time, the location, and each role. In a collaborative effort with the writers, producers, directors, and even the actors, the role of costume designer is to further develop each character. 
With an extensive background in costume design, Phoenix is Amit's big breakout debut as a costume designer for a theater production. A degree in Psychology was put aside a mere 13 years ago when Gajwani changed paths to one of fashion and styling. Seasoned in the industry Gajwani boasts a diverse and varied resume, having worked on everything from music videos to commercials to feature films. No matter the job, Gajwani finds costuming to be an incredibly rewarding form of art. Whether it be finding solutions to obstacles as big as budgets, to working around the set designs and lighting, the excitement of being able to see the final project come together is worth any struggle. From July 28 - August 23, Amit invites the world to come witness the vision come to a fruition that you can see in Phoenix.   

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