Friday, June 5, 2015

Kelby & Co. Launch

Shirts by Kelby & Co
Photographer: Nina Robinson
Cinematographer: Arthur Woo
Creative Director: Christine Creamer
Stylist: Megan Averbuch
Assistant Stylist: Lauriel Beauty

New shirt brand, Kelby & Co., boasts a blend of the world's finest cotton with a protective layer of invisible, microscopic coating that not only repels liquids but encapsulates cotton fibers and maintains the fabric's softness.   Spill all you want (watch the video here) a true technologically-fashion-savvy line has perfected the science of looking good, feeling good and smelling good.  Currently in the launch phase, Kelby & Co. invites you to be the first to purchase their shirts in their exclusive one-month pre-order, available on their website only (here). Use the code KELBY at checkout for a special 10% off discount now through June 10, 2015.

To learn more, see more and to shop for Kelby & Co. shirts, click here.
To see WWD's article on Kelby & Co,, click here.
Major congratulations to Brad, Sim and the team over at Kelby & Co on their launch!


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