Sunday, August 9, 2015

Knative Clothing Fall/Winter 2015

Ariel Goodman-Weston is the Boston born Fine Artist behind Knative Clothing. After receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in Art History from the Maryland Institute College of Art she began knitting clothing. As a 705 costumer working on independent films and Emmy nominated programming she continues her career as a creative.

"I use hand and machine techniques inspired by my Immigrant/indigenous and American roots to create the designs at Knative," says Goodman-Weston.
The collection is made from natural and sustainable fibers such as hemp, Tencel and cotton. They are focused on creating items that can be both accessories and statement pieces like headbands, scarfs, and crop-tops. Knative's Fall 2015 collection accents a T-shirt and jeans as beautifully as an elegant dress.
Each item is hand finished and made with love in Los Angeles.

Snag a piece for yourself, and see how wearing sustainable and durable fibers not only benefits mother earth, but also your wardrobe.

To learn more, see more and to to shop for Knactive Clothing, click here and here.
Words above are by and from the Knative team.
Big Thanks to Melissa DiCocco and Designer Ariel Goodman-Watson herself for making this feature possible!



  1. Love her scarves and that they're handmade in LA! Beautiful!

  2. oh my gosh i am SO bad at blogging these years, haha!! when is scotland?!

  3. those are belles and rebels alright!!! It's a beautiful bold look! Bright,...soft,...inspiring.