Thursday, December 6, 2018

TES Cosmetics

CBD seems to be everywhere and TES Cosmetics capitalizes on the here-to-stay trend. The benefits of CBD have proven to be innumerable and their segue into the beauty industry only seems natural. The TES brand (TES Standing for Total Everyday Skincare) is the first of its kind. Created by Dr. Millie Hernandez, TES is the very first and only CBD oil infused skincare line formatted by a doctor. Having launched just a few short weeks ago, TES Cosmetics unveils an organic and toxin-free collection, hemp-derived and rich with vitamins and Omega-3 acids which have been associated with nourishing and protecting the skin. With ingredients gown in  Colorado, under strict farming requirements, TES is all natural, safe for the body and with a medical doctor as it's maker, obviously MD approved!

To learn more, see more and to shop for TES Cosmetic products, click here.
Big Thanks to Rachael over at TES Cosmetics for making this feature possible!



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