Tuesday, May 28, 2019

New York Beach Themed Books

With Memorial Day Weekend behind us, Summer has "unofficially" begun. Three gorgeous books define what a New York summer should look like. Montauk 11954 by Carissa Pelleteri displays the All-American charm of what has now become a major destination. Surf NYC by Andreea Waters is an authentic photographic journal of the lives of local surfers chasing their dreams and the unpredictable waves of the NYC beaches. Lastly, Archipelago New York by Thomas Halaczinsky follows follows the route of Adriaen Block, the first European to sail the waters surrounding the state of New York. Halaczinsky discovers the magic of the area and its little-known islands, while also reveals history of the landscape. Each photography-based hardcover will excite you for the upcoming season and pique your curiosity for the land and waters that lie just within reach of the concrete jungle of New York City.

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Big Thanks to Harrison at Schiffer Publishing for making this feature possible!


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