Sunday, November 3, 2019

Modrn Sanctuary NYC

A true oasis in  the concrete jungle, Modrn Sanctuary is your go-to, one-stop spot for serenity in the city. With a menu filled with feel-good treatments that range from massages given by established therapists to a relaxing hour in a serene salt room, you are sure to gain back both your physical and mental health. IV Drips pump healthy nutrients in, while infrared saunas help sweat toxins out. Specialized skin treatments round out their offerings, proving that Modrn Sanctuary will have you rejuvenated from the inside and out in no time. With unique class offerings, they also over special educational sessions to help you continue to practice and lead a healthy life outside of their establishment. Regain and maintain your mind, body and soul. Look great and feel great. Modrn Sanctuary is truly your full-service sanctuary.

To learn more, see more and to visit Modern Sanctuary to take advantage of their services, click here.
Big Thanks to Alexandra, Vanessa and the entire team over at Modrn Sanctuary for making this feature possible!


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