Sunday, December 1, 2019

Beyond Soap: The Podcast

Skincare is all the rage. With so many products and routines it can be difficult to navigate this realm, but now, lucky for you, a great new podcast, Beyond Soap: The Podcast,  is airing to help direct you to the products, procedures and routines that really work! World renowned Dermatologist, Dr. Sandy Skotnick and Beauty Expert Chantel Guertin have resumes for skin and self care that certainly qualifies them as noteworthy sources to listen to, literally and figuratively! Both novelist - Dr. Skotnick's book of course named Beyond Soap - it is clear that these two industry forces will have you enlightened. Seasoned with not only tips and tricks, Skotnick and Guertin also uncover marketing claims and controversial issues. Through scientific studies and their own experiences, the two women share tried and true expertise and speak upon the trends while keeping you thoroughly entertained throughout. They’ll have you coming back to listen for more whether you’re interested in the clinical or glamorous side of the beauty industry.

To learn more, see more and to listen in  to Beyond Soap: The Podcast, click here.
Big Thanks to Jill Lewis for making this feature possible!


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