Thursday, January 16, 2020

Cosmolle Shapewear

As a stylist, there are many aspects to consider when putting together a look. While a “look” will obviously vary based on the event, the time of year, the weather, the season, the time of the event, and so on, one thing that is always consistent is the fact that the under garments must be appropriate no matter what one is wearing. Not only must they be appropriate, but there are other things to of course consider when choosing an undergarment such as comfort and function. These are things that are quite important when it comes to the overall styling of a “look.”
There are many brands and companies these days that cater to undergarments, underwear, body shapers, etcetera. A main trend is to look slimmer, so it can be found very often that brands offer tummy control underwear. Such pieces are known to smooth out the stomach region and suck in your tummy to make one look skinny. Many of these products are effective and can help one achieve a slimmer look no matter what they are wearing!
Sometimes underwear isn’t the best option when it comes to styling certain dresses as even if seamless, they can sometimes show just a tiny bit. Especially important to keep in mind when styling for big events, such as red carpets or maybe one’s wedding, when they will be photographed a ton, there are other options beyond tradition underwear that should be considered. Seamless shapewear slips are a great option in situations like this. They can be chosen based on the dress, as they come in all different lengths and should mimic the dress closely to avoid showing the slip. Undergarments, while should absolutely, as you are seeing, be carefully planned, the main point of any undergarment in situations like this is for them not to show! So again, careful consideration and planning must happen to achieve that perfect look! Shapewear slips, like the control underwear mentioned above, are also a great tool to help shape and slim down the body to fit and look amazing in all dresses!
As mentioned earlier, there are so many companies and brands that offer wonderful undergarments. And as you can see from the above just how important undergarments can be and how they can make or break a look, finding the right brand is of course of upmost importance. Cosmolle Shapewear is an excellent brand to consider when shopping for any and all shapewear. They have a vast variety of options to choose from no matter what one is planning to wear to the next event!

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