Tuesday, April 7, 2020

The Five Archetypes

There is no better time than now to hunker down and pick up a great book. "The Five Archetypes" is not only a fantastic read, but is also an amazing tool in understanding yourself and all of humankind. Carey Davidson is the founder of Touresol, a wholistic wellness collective, and pens this helpful guide to navigating the nature of people. The Five Archetypes, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water, each stand for a personality trait and help to identify the different people that exist in    your life and the world today. Once you are able to dissect and break down each personality, you will be able to respond to all elements of life. Whether it is garnering the power to live in harmony with those around you or understanding what is best for your own self health, this publication can help to guide you to a better awareness and sensitivity to all that surround you. An extraordinary tool to bring relationships (those of love, friendship or with yourself) to the next level. 

To learn more, see more and to purchase this book, click here.
Big Thanks to Author Carey Davidson of Touresol Wellness and Marlena Brown of Simon and Schuster for making this feature possible!


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