Monday, June 22, 2020

Julio Designs

Handmade by women, the story behind Julio Designs is just as powerful as the pieces that are created. With a strong background in the arts, specifically an education in architecture and years of experience as a boutique owner, Julio has always been a creator. It was only natural for her to transition into a jewelry and accessories designer, whom, in her humble beginnings, designed pieces that would compliment the eclectic collection she retailed at her Texas-based shops. With a growing business, Julio began to build her team with women to, in  turn, not only uplift other women, but also to uplift the community as a whole. Today, Julio Designs offers a diverse collection of designs, from gorgeous jewelry to home good, apparel and beyond.

To learn more, see more and to shop for Julio Designs, click here.
Big Thanks to Andrea, Sarah and the entire team over at Chic Execs for making this feature possible!


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