Monday, April 12, 2010

Woo for Whoogas!

Okay...I am about to give you a little peek into my closet and trust me, I am completely prepared to catch some crap for this...

I know that many stylists deem the Ugg boots to be sooooo out of style and have even adapted a new name for them, calling them "Ugg-ly." I, on the other hand, am a total sucker for these comfortable little pieces of sheepskin heaven! I know that there must be some of you out there that are with me on this on! Anyone!?!? Well, if you just so happen to secretly (or not so secretly, and judging from my pictures above you can probably already tell that I NOT so secretly love them...I even refrained from including pictures of the multiple pairs of Ugg slippers I own. I seriously wear them all year round and just cannot get enough!) enjoy these cozy and lovable boots, you must, must, MUST check out this new site! BuyItRightHere is a great spot to not only purchase your next pair of Whooga Ugg boots, but it is also an awesome site to learn everything you need to know about the boots. The creator of the site has posted everything from facts about the history of the Ugg boot, to fashion-friendly ideas of how to jazz them up, to how to best care for them! So, when they contacted me and offered me 30 dollars towards my next Uggs purchase, there was absolutely no way in the whole wide world I was able to say no! AND, not only did she extend this offer to me, but she also offered to give my followers who want to purchase a pair of Ugg boots $30 towards their purchase!!!! This offer will only run through the end of the month of April, and is only available to the first 100 buyers, so hurry up and get yourself a pair!

To purchase and receive a $30 credit toward your Whooga Ugg Boots, go to BuyItRightHere and use the code 210BELLES at the checkout!


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