Friday, April 30, 2010

Lana Fe, Here to Stay

Safety pins have really been integrated into the fashion scene lately. As one of the simplest, yet most common tools used behind the scene and for the unfinished products in this industry, they are now making their way onto the finished products! I've seen them used on tops, bottoms, dresses, jackets, and even handbags (like this one here,which was featured on Gossip Girl)! Now, I assure you, you haven't seen safety pins until you've seen new designer Lana Fe's jewelry! Inspired by her travels, and especially by the architecture of New York City, Lana Fe brings us some of the most unique and intricate pieces I have ever laid my eyes on. She is a super creative artist and I love how she hasn't just strategically placed safety pins in her designs, but rather, she has completely dedicated her work to the safety pin itself, as she uses it as her sole medium. Not only is her work true art, but it can also act as a key statement piece and will add edge to any outfit!

1. Manhattan Skyline Ring-Black/Silver, 2. Mini Manhattan Skyline Ring-Gold, 3. Paris Louvre Ring-Silver/Gold, 4. Mexico Glorietta Bracelet-Silver/Gold, 5. Chrysler Building Necklace

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