Sunday, May 10, 2015

Edible Attire

Works from "Ishzone" Ishara Jayakody's first exhibition, "Edible Attire"

Coming off of a successful exhibition on her home continent of Australia, artist Ishara Jayakody opens her first exhibit in NYC later this week. Food and fashion collided as innovative Jayakody experimented with taste-bud favorites, igniting many-a-sweet tooth along the way, in her first exhibition, entitled "Edible Attire." Gaining only five pounds in the process, tech-met-art-met-fashion-met-culinary genius as this delicious first bite in the industry.  Her next project, to be unveiled on Tuesday, May 13 and named Ingredients of NYC (information for attendance: here), explores the culinary culture, the energy and empowerment of the city, and what exactly fuels New York.  

To learn more, see more and to follow artist Ishara Jayakody, click here, here and here.
For information to attend Ishara Jayakody's Ingredients of NYC exhibition, click here.
Big Thanks to artist Ishara Jayakody herself for making this feature possible!



  1. Lovely and edible
    my kind of dress.
    Hope they taste good.♥

  2. Umm YUM!

    - Audrey