Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Skyfish Swimwear PMOW Summer 2015 Collection

With innovative cuts - there's something for every body type (and YES, you are seeing correctly, a caped bathing suit! For all of you superwomen out there!) - Skyfish Swimwear releases an incredible collaboration with Brazilian artist Adriana Basques for Summer 2015. Entitled "PMOW," which stands for Portuguese Man of War, the prints are vibrant in color and unique and original in design. As the brain child of the bi-coastal, seasoned and dynamic duo Lauren Cameron Pratt and Angel Garofalo, this luxury swimwear line reflects their love and respect for the ocean, it's creatures and its beauty. Combined with high-end Italian fabrics and controlled, quality manufacturing, Skyfish is the ultimate in exclusivity.

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Big Thanks to Designer Lauren Cameron Pratt for making this feature possible!


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