Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Photo Diary: New York Fashion Week S/S 2016 Collections

The Blonds Presentation Event
West 56 Presentation
AMP3 PR Fashion Event
Front Row at Son Jung Wan
Backstage with Planet Zero Motorsports at NOLCHA
Backstage at NOLCHA
In Spades & Belles&Rebelles,  Front Row at Bernie
Alterre Shoes Launch Event

Before we dive into another NYFW this coming week, let's take a second to review this past September's fashion week.  This included exclusive invitations to be the first to see the S/S 2016 collections of: West 56, The Blonds, Escada, Meagan Ollari, Alterre Shoes, Yeroc Eyewear, Morgane Le Fay, NOLCHA, Style Fashion Week, Berenik, Terese Sydonna, Gant and more



  1. Such a great recap! Loved the all of the backstage coverage! I'm going to miss you this season! :(

  2. Loving the mix of aesthetics here. From glix and glam, to minimalism, to polished sophistication!