Sunday, February 10, 2019

1 Billion Orgasms

Aaron is a man on a mission. A mission to provide happiness. And the most euphoric happiness at that.

1 Billion Orgasms follows this middle aged man living with his two daughters in Texas. As a science and engineering wiz, Aaron delivers a product that promises couples happiness in the form of orgasms, and more specifically, female ejaculation. He hits the road with a watch that is programmed to help people discover the sacred “G Spot” and achieve the ultimate orgasm. The documentary follows his journey of invention, the process to bring the watch to life and the delivery of the product to the public. Surprising and unsuspecting, the film is certainly an interesting one, addressing tabu topics and creating interesting viewpoints when sex and tech collide. 
Having just been released on all DVD/VOD/Digital platforms, this explorative piece arrived just in    time for Valentine's Day.

To learn more, see more and to view this film, click here.
Big Thanks to Annie over at Cinematic Red for making this feature possible!


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