Sunday, February 17, 2019

ECHOS Reverb Brand Experience

When a brand is meant to be used to experience the great outdoors, it's only natural that it be introduced to the world in the most experimental way. ECHOS PR & Brand Communications nailed it when it came to presenting the brands that they represent. Even in  the city, the company was able to create an atmosphere that married the wondrous outdoor spirit with their wonderful brand roster. Whether it is  hiking, biking, walking, running, or just trying to garner "the look," ECHOS has you covered both fashionably and functionally. With an extremely impressive portfolio, ECHOS shared many of the most noteworthy outdoor brands in  the business, the preview included everything from food and beverage labels to functional clothing pieces to equipment and sporting goods.

Big Thanks to Derrick and Rob over at ECHOS PR & Brand Communications  for inviting us to this special experience and for making this feature possible!


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