Thursday, March 25, 2010

Lesson in Mixology 101

Talk about "right place, right time." While at the Diana Warner Showroom last week, I was lucky enough to be introduced to another emerging designer! Alison Hessert, who just happens to also be the PR guru behind Communication Alley, brings us a brand spankin' new jewelry and accessories line. Named Mixology NYC, it is so new, and I mean sooooooo new, to the point where she was literary putting together new pieces as we toured the studio! And the entire collection (thus far) is so freaking bad-ass, I lovvvvve it! I was able to get you a very exclusive first look and a sneak peek at some of the necklaces (See pictures #1 & #2 below), as well as a feather choker/wrap around bracelet (originally she listed it as a choker, but we quickly styled it as a wrap bracelet! See pictures #3 & #4 below)! These are true rock star accessories, masculine and bold, combined with a very antique-like, feminine feel. Ms. Hessert has already been nominated for the Best Jewlery Designer of 2010 by the Juli B 2010 Style Awards. I defffffinitely foresee big things happening for her and this line! Just remember...YOU SAW IT HERE FIRST!!
Check out the Mixology NYC Facebook Fan Page for more of her creations, like some of my favorites that I included below:

Mixology NYC is handmade in NYC
For more on Mixology NYC click here
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  1. these are really cute.

  2. I love the fist photos.
    Those necklaces are great

  3. I'm a star!! (at least my hand is) lol