Wednesday, January 30, 2019


Desavery has cracked the code. Non-oily oils are finally here! It's no wonder that founder, creator and CEO, Andrea Dinnick was able to bring this skincare collection to fruition.  By sourcing the absolute best, sustainable, non-processed, organic ingredients, Dinnick kept the "end result" in  mind as she pioneered new and effective ways to engineer and formulate her skincare products. As she launches her first collection, Dinnick's Desavery offers three innovative, biohacking products, including the Stellar and LIT! Daily Serums and a Dream Cleanser for nightly use. Each is sure to not just brighten, nourish and make your skin feel amazing, but will also do the same for your mood. The Daily Serums bring energy and peace to skin and mind, while the Dream Cleanser soothes, smooths and encourages relaxation to the end of the day, ideal for the ultimate "Beauty Sleep." Desavery certainly exemplifies the reason we call such oils, "Essential Oils!"

To learn more, see more and to purchase Desavery products, click here.
Big Thanks to Jill Lewis and Andrea Dinnick, the founder herself, for making this feature possible!


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