Thursday, January 3, 2019

Little Book Of You

A New Year means a new chapter. The "Little Book of You" is the 100% personalized book for the first chapter of any new life. A little book for the little one, this is the most perfect gift for the newest addition to your life and world. Each book is uniquely customized to you. From interesting facts about one's birthday and birth year to specific stories that include all of the real-life people in  every newborn's life, the "Little Book of You" is special in every way. Beautifully illustrated, every child is the star of their own story, a reason to revisit this book no matter how old you grow to be.  

To learn more, see more and to create and shop for the "Little Book of You," click here.
Big Thanks to Alyssa over at Sayles & Winnikoff Communications for making this feature possible!


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