Sunday, September 15, 2019

Pendleton Fall/Winter 20

What happens when a heritage brand creates direct replications of heritage pieces? Meet the Pendleton Fall/Winter 2019 Collection. Beyond the special, directly replicated details, such as a 1949 jacket, called the "49er," with pearl buttons or the revamped original blanket jacket from the 1920s, Pendleton brings new, exciting collaborations, such as one with Disney. Best known for their wool pieces, Pendleton was originally a staple for those from the Pacific North West, but has widely expanded since their humble beginnings. With house decor, pet products and even shoes, it's safe to say that Pendleton has evolved into a full lifestyle brand.

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Big Thanks to Cynthia, Blyth and Cailtlin for inviting us to this special preview and for making this feature possible. And to Amanda of Leesburg PR for introducing us to these amazing people and brand!