Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Salt Haus NY

Get Salty! Located in the heart of NYC's Upper East Side, Salt Haus is a modern day salt room that offers Halotherapy. An all-natural treatment, Halotherapy is known to reduce stress and anxiety, boost athletic performance, aid in  recovery and immunity, promote sleep, give sinus and headache relief and even improve skin conditions. No matter your age, Salt Haus NY is truly an urban oasis. A calming environment, Salt Haus invites you to come as a group or on your own. Not just another wellness trend, Salt Haus mimics the climate of a natural salt cave and is a space to rejuvenate, recharge and regain your health. 
Head to Salt Haus and use our discount: Belles, to enjoy a full 45 minute session for only $20! 

To learn more, see more and to visit Salt Haus, click here.
Big Thanks to Amanda over at Leesburg PR for making this feature possible!


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