Thursday, February 25, 2010

Adrienne Landau Fall/Winter 2010 Collection

NY Mercedes Benz Fashion Week
Adrienne Landau Fall/Winter 2010 Collection, 519 Eighth Avenue 21st Floor

What I wore: Sweater by Etro, T-Shirt by Emma & Sam, (Not pictured: Leggings by Lauren Conrand, Boots by Frye)
Thank you to my Photographer friend Dustin Pittman (whom I worked with at this shoot back in December) for the photo of Adrienne Landau & I! (I deleted mine from my camera by accident!) For more on Dustin Pittman click here.

For my Fashion Week finale, I attended proabably the most unique, and possibly my favorite, presentation yet! Adrienne Landau brought us the most beautifulllll fur pieces you have ever seen! I absolutely loveddddd the format of the presentation. We were moved through the space of a luxurious loft, each room completely decorated in different, magnificent furs! I loved that the models were moving around freely and we were able to touch any piece that we felt inclined to. The beauty of Ms. Landau's work is that it goes wayyyy beyond clothing. Each room was decked out, and I mean seriously DECKED OUT, in fur. From the rugs, to the chairs, to the pillows, even down to a phone and table settings, fur was present everywhere (not to mention the models who were fully clothed in fur ensembles)! Everything was so luxurious, so glamourous, so exquisite, and SO SOFT!! Again, I must apologize to my vegan partner in crime (F), for my absolute LOVE of this collection but...I love me some fur and I, myself, would dieeee for a piece, ANY PIECE, by Adrienne Landau! UHG. GORGEOUS.

For more on Adrienne Landau click here


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