Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Elisa Palomino Fall/Winter 2010 Collection

NY Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week
Elisa Palomino Fall/Winter 2010 Collection, The General Society of Mechanics

Photos courtesy of Elle


What I wore: Sweater by Feel the Piece, Sequin Tee (worn under sweater) by Millau,Leggings by Lauren Conrad, Boots by UGG Australia (And don't even START to bash UGG boots! The weather was awful and cold. You can't expect us to wear heels everywhere. We are NORMAL people you know! HA. Plus, we alllllll refused to do this!!!)

After years of working and designing for some of the best and most high-end designers, including Moschino's Cheap and Chic, John Galliano, Diane von Furstenburg, and Dior, Elisa Palomino has finalllllllly decided to start her own line. It's about time!!! I mean seriously, WHAT A RESUME! We were lucky enough to get an invite (which was by farrrr the prettiest invite we received all week and had a sweet hologram! Hey, I think that counts for something! HA!) to her debut show, which was GORGEOUS! The ultra-feminine collection flaunted velvet (Meg's favorite!), feathers, fur, fringe, lace, tulle, and bows. Let's be serious, look at that list, she basically featured EVERYTHING there is to love in a fashion line! Floral prints and flesh tones added to the elegance of the pieces yet each look still embodied a very "edgy-20s-flapper-with-a-touch-of-Asian-inspiration" vibe. LOVED IT. ALL OF IT. A live trio provided the runway music. The softness of the music, which reminded me of the soundtrack to Gone With the Wind, with lyrics sung in multiple languages, completely complemented the line! And check out how the space was decorated. Talk about PERFECT.

See the rest of the Elisa Palomino Fall/Winter 2010 Collection here


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