Thursday, February 25, 2010

PARK CHOON MOO Fall/Winter 2010 Collection

NY Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week
PARK CHOON MOO Fall/Winter 2010 Collection, Good Units at the Hudson Hotel

Korean designer Choomoon Park debuted at NY Fashion Week with her Fall/Winter 2010 Collection. I was unable to make it to the show, due to prior commitments, however...I couldn't NOT post this line! I soooo knew I was missing out when I had to turn down the invitation (which came with a preview of the line), but after seeing these pictures it was moreeeee than confirmed. This entire collection, literary everything in it and about it, is TOTALLY, TOTALLY, TOTALLY my style. Edgy, wearable, structured with a masculine/complete tomboy vibe, and allllll in monotone colors--lots of BLACK--my abbbbbsolute faveeeeoriteeeee! And isn't it fun how both the men's and women's pieces are made to perfectly compliment each other? Gahhhhhhhh...Love it allllll! No matter what, I will NOT be missing this show next season.

Thank you to my friends at Shin Advisors for the invitation, pictures, and information!


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