Monday, February 22, 2010

Relive the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show!

I hope that you all remember when I "danced" (I know the thought of meee dancing...I don't knowwww....ha) at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show back in November (See posts from 11/18, 11/19, and 11/20)? Well, our favorite choreographer, Jermaine Browne, just posted the video on YouTube and I thought I would share it with you! Ok, so you can't realllllly seeeeee me pur se(I didn't dance on stage, I danced down in the pit--you can see us all bouncing around in the dark down there!), but who wouldn't want to relive a couple minutes of the Sexiest Fashion Show on Earth anyway?! (Plus, Jermaine also choreographed the dance with the real dancers of the show, which is awesome and you can definitely see it in the video!)

Choreographer Jermaine Browne & I

Watch the Video HERE


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