Friday, February 12, 2010

Backstage at Farah Angsana

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week
Backstage at Farah Angsana, Salon Tent, Bryant Park

As a stylist, I sometimes find it more fun to work backstage rather than watch the show from the front of the house. There is soooo much energy and excitement backstage, and meeting and dressing all the models is soooooooo much fun! Every Fashion Week, I make an effort to work some shows and this Fashion Week is no exception. Although taking pictures backstage is strictly prohibited (I snuck you just one from the make-up room before anyone arrived!), I can tell you that Farah Angsana's couture dresses were BEAUTIFUL. I'll get you some press pictures soon for sure! For now, you should definitely check out her past lines HERE at her website!


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