Monday, February 22, 2010

Kardashians for bebe Fall/Winter 2010 Collection

NY Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week
Kardashians for bebe Fall/Winter 2010 Collection, Stage 37

Photos courtosy of Khloe Kardashian Celebuzz


What I wore: Dress by Yaya Aflalo , Scarf by Franco Ferrari, Rain Boots by Hunter

Before you read this, you should know that I am obsessed and probably one of the biggest fans of the entire Kardashian family. Now...I must say...Kim Kardashian looks FABULOUS in person and looked AMAZING at the Kardashian for bebe runway show! She was dressed in one of, what I thought to be, the best pieces from their new collection, sat in the front row (as part of the audience, watching the show just like a normal person--and directly four rows in front of me!!!), and seemed SUPER nice!

The entire line was very "bebe," totally wearable and very cute! Great day-to-night pieces for the working girls (like the Kardashian sisters themselves) who also like to be stand out, be seen, and go out to the hottest parties and clubs at night! Although the whole Kardashian clan didn't make it to NYC for the line's debut (I don't blame them, the weather was terrrrrrible, hence the rain boots--hey, told you I wouldn't rock this look), Kim's good friend and PR guru, whom we frequently see on Keeping Up with the Kardashians (and whom will soon be starring in his own show, SPINdustry), Jonathan Cheban was there, sitting in the front row (next to Kim) to support her. I also spotted J-Wowww from Jersey Shore, some of the ladies from The Real Desperate Housewives of New York, and E!'s Jay Mandel (who hosts E! Fashion Police with Khloe Kardashian)! My final words/all I really needed and wanted to say in this post? I. LOVE. YOU. KIM! Signed, your biggest fan.

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