Wednesday, February 10, 2010

LINCS by David Chu

Like we said, we decided to start NY Fashion Week a littttttle before the actual start date. We just could not wait til Thursday! Last night we attended our first Fashion Week Presentation for a new menswear line, LINCS by David Chu. Note: If you're a male reading this, PLEASE dress this way! And if you're a female, want to join forces and harass Mr. Chu until he creates a women's line?!

David Chu, best known as the founder of Nautica, presented his LINCS by David Chu Fall/Winter Collection at the Adventures in Downtown Country Club Event. The event embodied All-American style with a bucolic twist. Held at The Townhouse in the Gramercy Park neighborhood, the ambiance of countryside refinement was brought to fruition with backgammon, synthetic grass, sweet tea, and mini-hamburgers. Models were clad in safety orange down puffer vests with fur collars, stretch cord trousers, and argyle crewnecks with deliberate bed-head and contemplative stares. The event, fondly coined, "the return of the chunky sweaters," made me yearn for crisp autumn days--and a wish for David Chu to develop a women's line! Or at the very least can we bypass this snow storm we're having today!?

For more on LINCS by David Chu click here


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